Every facade suffers from acid rain, exhaust fumes, soot, salt and all other types of atmospheric pollution. Give it the attention it needs!

Specialist facade maintenance

Sustainable facade maintenance ensures a longer life span of building materials, window frames and grouting, as well as a making a sublime first impression on your guests and clients.

When cleaning the facade, we look at the material used (e.g. finished wood, metal or plastic cladding), the weather conditions and the substrate. These may not be damaged and moisture may not penetrate (too deeply). We clean the façade effectively using high and low pressure cleaning, if necessary with the addition of cleaning agents, sandblasting and soft blasting. After cleaning, everything is neatly tidied up. Of course our façade cleaning services also include glass washing!

Examples of facade maintenance:
- The cleaning of seriously dirty facades covered in deep layers of dirt
- Removing old plaster.
- Removing black deposits.
- Removing graffiti and applying anti-graffiti coating.

In facade maintenance you can think of:

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