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A clean working environment contributes to satisfied employees and a positive customer experience.

Glass Cleaning
and maintenance

Glass washing is specialist work. We understand that you want this to be done properly and safely. At Nieuw Leven Facility Group you’re at the right address.

Real estate

With us you are not only assured of a clean building, but you can also rely on expert maintenance.


With the wide range of services on offer, we relieve you of all your worries. You can count on the good service and quality you expect from us.


Specialised cleaning and preservation of floors is of great importance for the appearance of your company. Curious about the possibilities of our cleaning services? Feel free to ask for more information.


Every facade suffers from acid rain, exhaust fumes, soot, salt and all other types of atmospheric pollution. It could use some care. See what we can do. 


As a facility service provider, we understand that your sanitary facilities need more than just daily maintenance. Poor maintenance creates breeding grounds for bacteria. We know how to solve and prevent this.


Safety for you and your guests is important. That's why we not only keep your site clean during the winter months, but also keep it safe by fighting slipperiness.

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Services as you need them.

Nieuw Leven Facility Group takes care of the regular cleaning maintenance of public buildings, offices, VVE's, industrial buildings, showrooms, schools, healthcare facilities and many other industry facilities. Thanks to our almost 100 years of experience, we know your needs and expectations. We will be happy to visit you for customised advice without any obligation.

Simply make an appointment via info@nieuwlevengroep.nl or 020 - 623 96 09.

We also offer various hospitality services, such as reception services, a handyman on location, hostesses or all-round facility employees. With its wide range of services, Nieuw Leven Facility Group can relieve you of all your worries and you can count on trusted service, quality and continuity. Would you like advice and a free estimate? Make an appointment via info@nieuwlevengroep.nl or 020 - 623 96 09.

Glass washing is carried out by professional and motivated window washers, resulting in streak-free windows. To a certain extent this can be done from the ground and with a staircase or tuckerpole system. For higher windows and facades we use professional aerial platforms or the existing facade installations. Glass washing is specialist work and we understand that you want to have this done properly and safely. At Nieuw Leven Facility Group you are at the right address. Curious about what we can do for your windows?

We would be happy to visit you and have a look. Make an appointment via info@nieuwlevengroep.nl or 020 - 623 96 09.

You always want your property to be in good and representative condition, whether the space is rented out or empty. In the end, overdue maintenance will cost you (a lot of) money unnecessarily. At Nieuw Leven Facility Group you are assured of a clean building and expert building management. We also take care of the necessary paintwork and other maintenance, the assembly and disassembly of furniture and other goods. Of course, we will ensure that your building is not susceptible to legionella. Do you own real estate want it to retain its value? Make an appointment to discuss your wishes (info@nieuwlevengroep.nl / 020 - 623 96 09).

In addition to the regular cleaning of your sanitary facilities, we also provide periodic deep cleaning. We are also happy to relieve you of responsibility of other facilities such as hand drying and hygiene, toilet hygiene, ladies hygiene and toilet accessories. Would you like a total overview of the required sanitary maintenance?

Please contact us via info@nieuwlevengroep.nl or 020 - 623 96 09 for customised advice without obligation.

In addition to our regular services, we can also be deployed for specialist cleaning. Think of deep cleaning, carpet and furniture cleaning, floor maintenance and specialist cleaning in cases of emergency. Does your organization need specific cleaning? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities: info@nieuwlevengroep.nl or 020 - 623 96 09.

At Nieuw Leven Facility Group you can be assured of professional advice and specialised execution.

Periodic facade maintenance ensures a longer life span of building materials, window frames and grouting. This needs to be carried out consistently and properly, so we make a long-term plan tailored to your needs. Your facades are in good hands with us. We take care of the cleaning of façades, the conservation of façades, façade renovation and removal of the most stubborn graffiti.

Nieuw Leven has methods to effectively combat slipperiness caused by snow and ice. We keep your terrain clean and safe even during the winter months.

We are proud of our clients!

Thanks to our expertise and efficient working methods, our clients have determined our success for almost 100 years!

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The trusted method of NieuwLeven

1. Inventory


We always provide full-service customization. Personal contact and a correct inventory of expectations form the basis of transparent and smooth collaboration. You can expect clear coordination of the content from us so that we can create a good, strong and lasting collaboration.

2. Execution

Cleaning is a profession!

We have been active in facility services in the Central and Northern Netherlands for almost 100 years. We are proud to call ourselves specialists! With a wide range of facility services we can relieve you of all your worries. Our job is done when you are satisfied.  

3. Control

Quality and training

  Trust is based on continuity, expertise and sublime service with shining results. As part of our process of improvement, we carry out continuous quality checks and invest in training our employees. Possessing the correct certifications is also very important to us. This is how we guarantee the quality of execution that we offer.

4. Aftercare

Your experience counts

Aftercare is very important to us. We work together with a basis of trust, integrity and honesty. This is how we maintain personal contact. We are open to improvements and would therefore like to hear your experiences.

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