Nieuw Leven Facility Groep has been active in facility services in the Central and Northern Netherlands for almost 100 years. With a wide range of facility services, we specialise in virtually every professional sector. As specialists, we can assess exactly where your needs lie and what your expectations are. As a result, we are able to deliver made-to-measure services, personalised to fit your needs! 

We are specialists in cleaning and are only satisfied with shining results! We have high expectations of ourselves and that makes us a sustainable partner, even for your business sector. 

Branches in which we work

A clean working environment is not only your business card, it also increases the satisfaction and productivity of your employees. Nieuw Leven Facility Groep is a specialist in the field of regular and thorough office cleaning. It goes without saying that we do this outside your office hours, so that you and your employees can work undisturbed. Let us relieve you of your worries, it’s what we’re passionate about. 020 – 623 96 09 or mail to to discuss your wishes.

In health care, hygiene and thorough cleaning are not commodities, but prerequisites for providing good and safe care. These kinds of working environments must be guaranteed to be spotless and cleaning services must be available 24/7 to take action in the event of emergencies and when there is a rush. Nieuw Leven Facility Group employs professional staff for cleaning work at care and welfare institutions. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

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It is important to create an experience of cleanliness in a showroom or shop. We use the initial impression of your customers and visitors as a starting point. Our employees ensure that your showroom or shop is sparkling clean so that your products look great. Please contact us to discuss your wishes.


Call 020 – 623 96 09 or mail to to discuss your wishes.

During construction work, it’s nice when the facilities for construction workers are cleaned on a daily basis. This includes areas that are frequently used, such as toilets and dining areas. Even after renovations or refurbishments, a cleaning is required before the space is ready for use. We provide professional cleaning for a variety of construction activities. Call 020 – 623 96 09 or mail to to discuss your wishes. We are happy to have a chat on location.

Nieuw Leven Facility Group has a lot of experience in periodical as well as daily cleaning of public buildings. We serve many clients from the cultural and public sector such as museums, art galleries, monumental buildings, swimming pools as well as events. We would be happy to have a chat with you about how we can take the responsibility for cleaning at your public facility or event off your hands.

The cleaning of industrial environments requires a thorough approach. Our employees have up-to-date knowledge of protocols, safety and hygiene. Regardless of the way your production halls and production lines are set up, we familiarise ourselves with your production process in order to be able to carry out your cleaning needs.

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The appearance of a school impacts a child’s overall school experience. It’s also important for parents/guardians- an impression of cleanliness can be decisive when parents or guardians select a school for their child. In order for pupils and parents/guardians, caretakers, teachers and school management to feel comfortable in a school building, a good facility partner such as Nieuw Leven Facility Group is indispensable. 

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Problem-free cleaning is especially important within a VvE. After all, you don't want discussions on this topic with your co-owners? The New Life Facility Group is also the service-oriented facility partner for Homeowners' Associations. We would like to talk to you to discuss the wishes of the members of your VVE and to come to an appropriate and affordable cooperation.

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