A thorough maintenance plan consists of a combination of periodic maintenance and deep cleaning. 

Deep cleaning of your sanitary facilities

We understand that your sanitary facilities need more than just daily cleaning. Poor maintenance creates breeding grounds for bacteria. This results in bad odours, technical failures and blockages. Nasty!

During deep cleaning, all parts of the sanitary installations are cleaned, descaled and disinfected both internally and externally. Even in places that are difficult to reach. In addition, all parts will be inspected. Where necessary, defective parts will be replaced and necessary repairs will be reported and/or carried out.

You can count on us for all-round maintenance! For example, we take care of all sanitary facilities such as hand drying and hygiene, toilet hygiene, ladies hygiene and toilet accessories. We also carry out plumbing and renovation work. In this way you, your guests and your employees can continue to use the sanitary facilities in your company undisturbed.

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Our sanitary facilities also include:

  • Hand dryers
  • Hand hygiene
  • Toilet hygiene
  • Ladies hygiene
  • Toilet accessories

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